PediaFed is a community of physicians

Pediatric Federation is the oldest and one of the largest physician led practice-based communities in the country. Today the federation is comprised of thousands of physicians, nurses, and medical professionals across the United States dynamically participating in our community.

Our community cooperates to address the challenges that face practices everyday. The advantages of collaborating as a community of health professionals are realized by our members whose loyalty and enthusiasm have contributed to the Pediatric Federation’s tremendous growth in the last 20 years.

Our philosophy of working together to benefit all our members sets the tone for all our interactions. Please tour our site. We welcome your participation.

History of good health

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Pediatric Federation was formed in 1991 by a coalition of pediatricians, office administrators and nurses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our objective was and still is to seek collaborative solutions to the challenge of providing excellent patient care while efficiently managing a practice. The gains accomplished by working together were clear, and led to the formation of the Vaccine Purchasing Program. The success of the Vaccine Purchasing Program has contributed to Pediatric Federation’s growth to thousands of pediatric, family practice, ob/gyn and internal medicine physicians across the country. Pediatric Federation has become one of the largest vaccine purchasing groups of private physicians.

Pediatric Federation became a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 1998 due to its substantial growth and rebate distribution. Day-to-day management remains in the hands of the founding, progressive pediatricians and administrators.

A sound philosophy

The sole purpose of PediaFed is to help your practice succeed and prosper. Our mission is to establish and administer programs that facilitate the most cost effective operations for medical practices. The strength of Pediatric Federation resides in the power and size of our group. As a collective of medical professionals, actively engaging and enthusiastically cooperating we achieve continuous innovation for all of our practices. The Pediatric Federation considers itself as a conduit for successful and thriving practices.

All programs are free for all participants. Decisions are based on what is best for our members. For every program our goal is a triple win—for each participating practice, the contracted suppliers, and the Pediatric Federation community.