Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, in the late 1980's with the rise of managed care, several issues were identified. Pediatric Federation was formed to help deal with those issues. Speficially, today, we do all we can to assist practices prosper and thrive. We believe that healthier practices produce healthier patients,

Once you are enrolled in our organization, you will be able to enjoy Pediatric Federation's low contract pricing through the same, standard ordering avenues. By phone, you can directly contact - and order from - the manufacturer.

When your practice becomes a participant of Pediatric Federation's you will be part of a extensive community. You will be able to connect with thousands of other like minded physicians and medical professionals, as well as have the opportunity to participate in our Vaccine Purchasing Program and Buyology Program.

Pediatric Federation was founded in 1991 with the goal of helping practices succeed. We believe that healthy practices equals healthy patients. We were the first to offer a Vaccine Purchasing Program for independent private practices and have maintained our philosophy and goals since our inception. We take pride in offering equal benefits to practices of all sizes.

You are billed directly by the manufacturer. Our contracts generally contain terms that extend the length of time required to pay. All traditional forms of payment (checks, credit cards, C.O.D.) are accepted.

Our contract pricing contains offers substantial discounts over direct purchase prices. We urge you to compare our costs to your current prices. In addition to "on invoice" Pediatric Federation discounts, you will be eligible to participate in periodic manufacturer specials.

Since Merck is not producing this product PF's VPP Participants can purchase GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) ADULT Havrix. When Merck returns to production of ADULT Vaqta VPP participants will resume ordering that product.

We don't have a contract with GSK because it would increase our overall costs for vaccines. After reviewing the pricing and terms the VPP practices elected to have contracts with Merck and Sanofi Pasteur. Compliance with these contracts gives us the lowest pricing.

  • Discounted contract pricing on Vaccines
  • Tools to help you buy at the very lowest price
  • Semi annual rebate checks
  • Voting rights on VPP Contracts
  • Participation in Pediatric Federation's Online Community

  • Order only vaccines available through the VPP contracts
  • Pay on time
  • Keep our pricing information strictly confidential
  • Keep practice information current in PediaFed Data Center
  • Use VPP vaccines on our own patients (no second selling)

We review compliance reports continually and immediately must take action to notify non-compliant offices. Offices which choose to order off contract, aka "cherry pick," will be removed from the Pediatric Federation's VPP for a period of at least one year, to preserve the competitive pricing benefits for those in compliance. NONCOMPLIANCE NEGATIVELY IMPACTS THE GROUP AS A WHOLE! PRICES GO UP FOR EVERYONE!